Memory Lane Murals

"Where Dreams Become Reality"

Who is Dan Brown

Daniel J Brown, Commissioned Mural Artist and his Beautiful & Equally Talented Assistant and Wife of Over 3 Decades are a Wonderful Combination & Artful Mixture of Bob Ross and Dave Mann.

Bob Ross is well-known for His Landscape Master Piece in Minutes. Mr. Ross was diagnosed with Lymphoma in the early 1990s, which eventually forced his retirement after The Joy of Painting's final episode aired on May 17, 1994. He Sadly Passed Away at the age of 52 on July 4, 1995.

Dave Mann was the Artist for EasyRider Magazine.. In 1971 he answered an Advertisement for a "Motorcycle Artist" in the back of a new Motorcycle Magazine called "Easyriders". He was their Centerfold Artist from 1972 to 2003 Until Lung Problems took his Life on September 11, 2004.


The one thing that we Love about Mural Paintings is the sheer challenge of pulling it off. It’s fascinating to watch the process go from Your Dream to Imagination in the Artist’s head to a sketch on a piece of paper and then watch as it comes to Reality on a huge surface.

I am a self-taught Mural Artist and Sign Painter. I have worked for over thirty-five years transforming Automobiles, Choppers, Classic Cars, the Walls & Ceilings of Restaurants, Hotels/Motels, Businesses, Schools and Private residences from Oregon to Maine.

From expansive commercial projects to private homes, all Paintings & Murals are Designed and Painted specifically for Your Space while Creating a Unique Mood, Feeling and Energy. My diversity of styles and experience give you a vast array of Design, Style choices and Budget options.


I am also an Illustrator for Roddin & Racin NorthWest , a Monthly Publication on Classic Cars, Hot Rods & Racing. The mission for Roddin’ & Racin’ NorthWest is to promote the car hobby throughout the Pacific Northwest. Their efforts include spotlighting the businesses that make their living supporting the car hobby. It might include fabulously restored priceless antiques, hot rods, street rods, muscle cars, daily drivers of old, unique marques and maybe just the old car that’s been in your family for forty or fifty years.


As well as a Monthly Cartoon Illustrator for Montana Woods N Water . Montana Woods N Water is a monthly online digital AND printed publication covering hunting, fishing, trapping and other outdoor issues specific to Montana. Their local writers, outdoor men and women provide information, pictures and story lines to inform, educate and entertain our readers worldwide about…”Living the Dream” here in Montana. With its beautiful mountains, plains, rivers, wildlife, and don’t forget the Big Sky! Montana Woods N Water brings Montana into YOUR home and business! Montana is truly the last best place on earth, join us in sharing in its outdoor lifestyle with the world. It is their goal to educate, inform and entertain both the resident and nonresident sportsmen enjoying beautiful, Northwestern Montana.


 I am an ‘Opti-Mystic person. I think and live beyond the ordinary
and I love jumping into the mystery of life.

I, Daniel am a fun-filled, off the wall character who genuinely loves the game of life
and I enjoy spreading laughter every day.

The more we laugh the better we feel and the better we feel the more we want to laugh. When we feel good about our-self and the environment around us, we perform a lot more quickly,
effectively and with better quality.

Laughing makes life fun. If we find it difficult to laugh there’s something wrong on the inside
and it needs to get out. By not laughing we bottle it up and what we may find happens is
anger comes out instead of laughter.

Laughing improves overall health and kills disease; it amplifies the natural killer cells that attack viruses, cancer and tumor cells; it lowers blood pressure and improves immune-cell function. Humor is a natural remedy - a Real CURE  if you will.

Laughing causes positive changes in our brain by releasing endorphins
(the natural pain relievers and great-mood enhancers) creating a sense of well-being.

Laughing boosts brain power which increases oxygen flow and encourages a positive attitude.
With a positive attitude we are more likely to do healthy things like walk, exercise
and eat whole foods like Vegetables and Fruits.

Did you know that high levels of anti-bodies are found in those people who experience great-moods, influenced by watching, reading and hearing Comedy?

Taking time out to laugh every day will help shake off any bad feelings and strengthens our ability to focus on the day ahead. {I Love to Watch & Hear people Laugh}

Laughing is Very Contagious and before you know it, you help other people shift into a positive vibration. You become part of something when you laugh; a feeling of joining-in and
being part of a crowd.

Have you ever walked into a room when everyone was Laughing?
I bet you started grinning until your cheeks hurt and then you started Laughing!?...

Plan enjoyable and fun activities to encourage more laughter; laugher is the fastest and mostest pleasurable way to heal your self from the inside-out. 






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